by Glenn Richmond, on Jun 08, 2016

Introducing Interactive Fields for Flexidocs

One of the common requests that we've had from Flexidocs customers was to be able to have interactive fields on their documents. The key driver for this is that our customers want to be able to prompt users to review and complete certain fields prior to each document generation. This could be a quick personal note to a customer above a form, or it could be a process that forces the confirmation of key field values prior to a document being generated. This new feature now allows our customers to do this.

So, How Does it Work?

The process is simple - when you create your tags in your document, simple use one of the following tag formats:

  • {$interactive|req|text|INPUT_NAME|LABEL} 
  • {$interactive|req|date|INPUT_NAME|LABEL} 
  • {$interactive|req|textarea|INPUT_NAME|LABEL} 
  • {$interactive|req|checkbox|INPUT_NAME|LABEL} 
  • {$interactive|req|dropdown|INPUT_NAME|LABEL|option1,option2,option3}


  • $text is the tag that indicates that this is an interactive field. Always start your tag with this.
  • req indicates the the field is required - if the field isn't required, simply exclude this tag
  • text / date / textarea / checkbox / dropdown indicates the type of the input field to display.
  • INPUT_NAME indicates the name of the variable (if you want this value to be stored in the associated record, make this the same as an existing CRM variable).
  • LABEL indicates the label that will be displayed alongside the field
  • option1,option2,option3 are only relevant for dropdown lists, and indicate the available values that can be selected in those fields.

What does the end result look like?

The end result is that for each and every document generation, the system will prompt the user to confirm or reconfirm the values for each field. This is ideal if you have an introduction that you'd like your users to update in a letter, for example, or just reconfirm important values before generating a document.