by Glenn Richmond, on May 01, 2016

Welcome to our new Flexidocs website

Welcome to our new Flexidocs website

It's been a while in the works, but we've now completed our new Flexidocs website, in which we're hoping to bring a lot more relevant content to our customers and stakeholders. We've been working hard in the background adding new functionality to the platform based on customer feedback, and we've added some exciting new features, and plan to add even more in the coming few months.

We were somewhat limited by our previous site due to the lack of a blog or resources section, so we've now incorporated both articles and videos into a resource section, and a blog section for news and announcements.

So, why the name change?

Good question! We were quite fond of the Intellidocs name, as it fit with our other products such as Intellisync and Intellicheck. Unfortunately, there is an existing organisation, coincidently based in Australia (albeit on the other side of the country) by the name of Intelledox. So, a different name, but phonetically similar. It was important to ensure that we differentiated from this organisation, as while we do play in different markets, and our focus is more on seamlessly integrated CRM document automation, we wanted to ensure that there was no confusion. It also gave us an excuse to launch our new website :)

Has the platform continued to be developed during this transition?

Absolutely! We've been very busy incorporating new features into our platform, but without a good website to announce the updates, we've been holding off announcing them. We'll save the detailed announcements for new blog updates in the coming weeks, but a quick summary includes:

  • A new version of the product has been developed for We're now going through the app store approval process and should be available shortly.
  • We've added interactive fields to the platform. Do you need to prompt the user to enter/update/confirm information prior to generating a document? This provides support for this out of the box.
  • Do you want to be able to print and mail documents in one click? We've added integration with for physical mailing of documents that enables exactly this.
  • Improved support for generating multiple rows with Excel documents.

and many more.. we'll be announcing each of these in detail, along with extensive resource for how to use these new features over the next few weeks.